Mohammad Hossain Khan, Chairman's

Cinque Terre Message from Chairman

In 2001, We, MH Technologies Ltd starts imports of hand set to fulfill the country's growing market demand. After successfully made operation around one decade in Bangladesh market we turned our journey into a new Brand name "Winmax" and getting tremendous customer responses in smartphone market as well.

In the early 2001, when M.Hossain Electronics-the first name of winmax Brand, has arrived in the country's cell phone market. It was the demand of time. Once unauthorized handset overwhelmingly positioned in the market. As a result, customers had been faced the worst handset uses experiences. On the other hand government and legal business owners are deprived from revenue.

Our main motto is to achieve best customer experiences with affordable cost though Winmax mobile. To reach most customers base winmax arranged its variety of products assortment with quality. Building on these, our respectable R& D team highlights the Innovations and user needs. We tried to understand our abroad production development team to create the set with maximum utility that customer can consume

Last year, almost 6 million Smartphone have been sold in local market. So we are planning to strengthen Winmax's position in this gadgets market. Earlier that has been proven our capacity in basic mobile devices too.
In coming days, Winmax brand is planning to build a strong brand engagement to all customer groups. Moreover, we focus mainly on our tech-savvy juvenile segments who love very much to charge their Smartphone uses habit frequently. To attain and retain this youth customer group, our in house apps design team is introducing attractive and user needed features in all Winmax Smartphone.

On top of, I hope Winmax will win the all customer's mind and be a household gadgets name throughout the country.

Md. Hossain Khan
M.H. Technologies Ltd

MH Technology Ltd

Head Office
389/B, MG Tower (6th Floor)
West Rampura, Dhaka-1219
Tel: (+88) 02 9346328, 9346281, 9346745 Ext. 121


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